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Over collapsing columns of sand, waves of decades,
these little paper lifeboats were made
by poet
Gary David.

The following books are arkived below
mostly in the form of PDF files.
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Voices From Inland Island:
An Elegy of the Black Hills and the Little Bighorn

unpublished manuscript, 2009, 295 pages

Breathing Starlight Into Stone
unpublished manuscript, 2009, 80 pages

Terra Kota: the alchemial opus of Inland Island
Island Hills Books, 2000, 38 pages

The Last Days of Crazy Horse
Island Hills Books, 2000, 1999, 28 pages

Island Hills Books, 1999, 31 pages

Divining the Eagle's Vision
Spirit Horse Press, 1998, 64 pages

Tierra Zia
nine muses books, 1996, 40 pages

Remember To Murder the Numbers
Big Easy Press, 1995, 19 pages

The Possibilities of Blue Sky
Northland Press of Winona, 1989, 83 pages

Eye of the Heart
Barred Owl Press, 1981, 17 pages

Vinland Distillations
D' Vine Press, 1980, 17 pages

Dept. Des Flambeaux Et Du Gumbo
Viscerally Press, 1978, 20 pages

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